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About Us Rooted in a unique culture of excellence.
Trissential in Three Words Why Trissential - Keith Korsi, CEO

From the start, Trissential has worked to connect consultants to be part of a mutual learning organization—which starts with hiring the highest caliber of employee and providing ongoing training. We build a sense of community with ongoing events and recognition. And we provide a level of support not found in traditional consulting firms. In short, we’re creating a place where everyone wants to work.

The reason we are so serious about creating a powerful culture is this: value. We want to provide the highest level of value to our clients, helping them define their strategies with more clarity. Where client goals are continually met on time and on budget. Where project measurement is more transparent. And with a commitment to a dynamic, collaborative, knowledgeable company, we’re able to do just that.

Trissential Core Values

  • Passionate, Positive, Professionalism
  • Humble Confidence
  • Team Attitude
  • Earned Trust