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The Trissential Approach is particularly applicable to industries that have characteristics including a high degree of complexity, continual change, strong competitive dynamics and deep technological reliance.

Some of the industries where we have specialized experience include:

  • Healthcare. Many of our senior Essentialists have deep experience in both provider and payor business and technology improvement initiatives.
  • Financial Services. From Ameriprise to Thrivent Financial, we help many financial services companies improve their processes, from strategy and management to technology implementation.
  • Public Sector. We have performed many assessments and process improvement efforts for city, county and state agencies to make sure they are making the best use of their tax-supported resources.
  • Property & Casualty. Understanding of P&C business processes and risk adjustments gives Trissential a leg up in such areas as implementation project management, software design and testing practices.
  • Manufacturing. Manufacturing is a natural fit with our services and experience. Beyond JD Edwards implementation, we bring significant background to the business processes of these companies, including accounts receivable, procurement, human resources and distribution.
  • Higher Education. Trissential’s knowledge of educational web systems provides advantages in critical large-data areas such as online registration, student loans, housing and transcripts.
  • Retail & Distribution. Highly competitive industries need processes and systems able to maintain a leading edge. To this end, for clients such as SUPERVALU, we have improved general merchandising processes in the retail banners to compete with discounters. We have also assisted with risk management planning.