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We regularly speak at events about all facets of the work we do at Trissential and broader industry trends. To have someone come to speak at your event, contact us at or 952-595-7970.


April 4 & 6, 2017 − Chicago

Robert Gormley

Robert Gormley presenting (Half-day tutorial) Enterprise Test Automation: The Key to Agile QA Success

With the continued rise of Agile testing, QA teams are challenged with how to automate testing in order to “keep up.” Many QA teams have implemented automated testing without leveraging an Enterprise Test Automation Framework to become more efficient and effective in the Agile SDLC.

Like a Testing Center of Excellence, an Enterprise Test Automation Framework can help organizations galvanize their automation resources toward a consistent, standards-based delivery that results in highly scalable, easily sustainable, and quickly deployable test automation. Join Robert for this tutorial to learn how to assess, plan, and implement an Enterprise Test Automation Framework to support your Agile processes.

Learn how to create a vision, strategy and roadmap and determine the right technology stack for the framework. Additionally, you will learn the roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities as well as best practices used for the framework´s implementation. By applying this approach, you will be able to keep your automation in line with your Agile sprints and maximize benefits.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand the benefits of an Enterprise Test Automation Framework for both the organization and for Agile teams
  • Create a vision, strategy, and roadmap for implementing an Enterprise Test Automation Framework
  • Use best practices for implementing an Enterprise Test Automation Framework

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April 5, 2017 − Chicago

Ann Nettesheim

Amy Ikenn

Ann Nettesheim & Amy Ikenn presenting Back to Basics: Key Metrics for Agile & Waterfall

Where do the numbers come from? Why do we measure what we measure? Should we measure that? Let’s get back to basics and give leadership confidence on how done are you using some key metrics for both project managers and testing managers in waterfall and agile environments.

This workshop will explore key metrics that every software project should track and report on to give the leadership team confidence, as well some ideas on project management metrics for overall progress. Both agile principles and waterfall based vital signs will be explored. In a true agile form, we’ll collaborate in this workshop and discuss philosophy of metrics. We’ll evaluate measurement consideration as it relates to value, quality, delivery, teamwork/collaboration, and continuous improvement. We’ll also look at PM metrics and how to use similar functions in an agile environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Give your Leadership confidence in testing and overall project management with metrics
  • Use metrics and information radiators to convey testing status, overall team health, and how done you really are
  • Understand how to set expectations and using tools of truth to avoid doubt about metrics

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Executive Roundtable

March 15, 2017 − Hilton Garden Inn, Milwaukee

Craig Thielen

Craig Thielen Moderates − The Agile Journey: And We Mean Business!

Business Agility is one of the fastest growing strategy and management trends in business and IT today. We will have an interactive and informative panel discussion followed by a Q&A session with industry experts covering everything from the history of the movement to its principles, various forms, methods and business impact. You will gain a glimpse of how Business Agility may help your organization use a powerful new way of thinking and doing work to realize higher overall effectiveness and sustained competitive edge.

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