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About Trissential

Where Maturity Meets Speed

Change is constant, whether it is driven by you, your customers, the competition or regulation. As your trusted advisor, Trissential enables organizations to react at the speed of change with end-to-end Business Agility solutions powered with Continuous Quality - our unique and industry leading capability. With our parent company Expleo Group, Trissential is your global strategic partner for continuous business improvement in delivering true value. We help organizations go faster, be more mature, and with world-class quality.

We work in partnership within three main areas: Business Agility, Management Consulting, and Continuous Quality.

Today, Trissential is not only an award-winning US based management consultancy, it is part of Expleo, a global organization 15,000 people strong in 25+ countries. We have been referred to as the 'third alternative' with the client focus, responsiveness and value of local boutiques and the high end capabilities, IP and global reach of the big guys, all in one. Local relationship and trust, global reach, industry depth. Our management consulting firm is completely focused on value – to the client and the consultant, which has developed into a high-touch, high-value, solution-based firm that has revolutionized the industry.​


We understand your challenges such as:

  • Driving digitalization and innovation
  • Delivering better cost-efficient transformations
  • Identifying and mitigating business risk
  • Demonstrating timely regulatory compliance
  • Driving enterprise agility as well as technology agility