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Our capabilities have grown over the years; however, our core purpose remains constant – bringing our high value approach to help leaders continually transform their businesses.

With the acquisition by Expleo (formerly SQS), Trissential has developed into a truly global company.

2002: THE IDEA – The consulting industry needed another option – “a one stop shop” different from large SIs and local staffing firms
2003:  FOUNDED – Trissential created by Keith Korsi and Mike Vinje. Nine months later, the first clients are signed and first Essentialists™ are hired to Minneapolis office
2004:  GROWTH IN MN – Trissential hires Jim Mohs - first full-time sales person to support Minnesota office
2005:  SECOND OFFICE – Trissential expands to Milwaukee
2007:  100th ESSENTIALIST™  – Trissential welcomes our 100th team member
2011: FIRST ANCHOR ACCOUNT – Client whose partnership with Trissential exceeds $2M in revenue
2014:  THIRD OFFICE – Trissential expands its Midwest presence with an office in Chicago
2015:  ACQUISITION BY SQS – SQS, the leading Quality specialist for digital business, acquires Trissential
2016: QA & ET – Quality Assurance & Enterprise Transformation practices readily accepted by the market
2017:  RAPID ACCEPTANCE – Quality Assurance becomes one of Trissential’s strongest capabilities
2018: ACQUISITION BY ASSYSTEM – Assystem Technologies, leading international engineering organization, acquires SQS
2019: PARENT COMPANY RELAUNCHES UNDER NEW BRAND: SQS/Assystem Technologies is now Expleo Group - See the press release for further details
FUTURE: TRISSENTIAL GOING GLOBAL – Work with parent company to take Trissential capabilities to the world