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Make an Impact from Day One

Like the digital world today, change is constant – we are now Trissential, an Expleo Company. Our global organization now brings a 50-year track record, 15,000 employees, footprint in 25+ countries, and $1.25B revenue generated in 2018.

Trissential is unique in that we’re large enough to support and develop our global network of consultants, but small enough so that every one of them can make a noticeable difference. This means we recognize and reward those who proactively implement novel solutions for the long-term benefit of our clients.

Advance Your Career with Us

If you feel you’ve outgrown your existing position or are looking to change course in your career journey, Trissential could be just what you’re looking for.

Our ethos is focused on making a real difference to the market-leading clients with whom we partner, and we rely on our team of enthusiastic, proactive, and dedicated consultants to deliver. Our approach is to meet clients where they are and help them deliver value through continuous business improvement.

We employ our understanding of market drivers, the pressures companies face today, and pace of change required to compete in this environment. As such we recognize, reward and promote individuals who share this mindset, and who are prepared to take the initiative and enthusiastically deliver quality high-value services.

"I came to Trissential because their outlook and attitude about the business and how they treat their employees is much different from the usual large company posture. Trissential leadership really takes care of me. They want me to succeed because they know if I do they do."
Consultant, Glassdoor review

Career Areas

Select from one of our three core capabilities: