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Trissential At-a-Glance

Today, Trissential is not only an award-winning U.S. based management consultancy, it is part of a global organization 15,000 people strong in 25+ countries. We have been referred to as the 'third alternative' with the client focus, responsiveness and value of local boutiques and the high-end capabilities, IP and global reach of the big guys, all in one. We are intentional about building local relationships and trust, while leveraging our global reach and industry depth. Our firm is completely focused on value – to the client and the consultant, which has developed into a high-touch, high-value, solution-based firm that has revolutionized the industry.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values


Trissential’s Community Enrichment Program (TriCEP) is committed to helping others in the areas we work and live. TriCEP has teamed up with a multitude of deserving organizations around the U.S. We encourage all our employees to participate at their own comfort level.


Our comprehensive wellness program continually provides support to help employees live a healthy and well lifestyle.

Tri-NEW-u (NEW stands for Nutrition, Exercise, and Wellness) was created to:

  • Improve the health of our employees
  • Educate employees to be better health care consumers
  • Enhance overall well-being
  • Help better manage healthcare costs for employees and the company

A committee of employee volunteers meets to plan educational webinars, health newsletters, team-based wellness events and much more. The bottom line is if you live better, you feel better, and as a result, we all benefit!

Trissential Communities of Practice (CoP)

Our communities of practice are a great way for employees with common interests to share and learn from each other. CoPs connect regularly to discuss current trends, share innovative ideas, provide thought leadership, support participants in developing capabilities, while being a valued asset for the entire organization.

When you join a CoP, you help Trissential leverage both the art and science in all our solution areas to meet client demand.

Communities of Practice

Agile Quality​​
Internet of Things
Business Agility​
Leadership Coaching​
Collaboration Guru's​
Artificial Intelligence​
​Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence
​User Centric Systems

Global Sales
​Robotic Automation Service
​Assessment, Healthcheck, and Improvement
Banking Financial Services
​Business Analysis & Architecture​
Data Protection
​Organizational Effectiveness
​Performance Engineering
Power BI
Project and Program Management

Quality Assurance​
​Software Quality: Measures & Metrics 
Test Automation
​Test Environment and Data Management​​
Quality Competency Center​
Amazon Web Services​