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Trissential works within a wide range of key industries, implementing Business Agility, Management Consulting, and Continuous Quality. Our approach is particularly applicable to industries that have a high degree of complexity, continual change, strong competitive dynamics, and a deep technological reliance. Our Essentialists™ work in partnership with organizations to understand the need for achieving the latest technologies and transformations. We have an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory landscape of various sectors and can deliver the widest market implications.


Many of our senior Essentialists™ have deep experience in both provider and payor business and technology improvement initiatives. Our work ensures a high level of compliance, accuracy, and security.

Financial Services

We help many industry leading financial services companies improve their processes, from strategy and management to technology implementation. Our expertise, methodology and fundamental quality assurance framework has been developed in close partnership with some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Public Sector

We have performed many assessments and process improvement efforts for city, county and state agencies to ensure they are making the best use of their tax-supported resources. Through consultancy, quality best practice and integrated testing, we have helped primary care trusts, schools, higher education, central government, and local councils implement a digital strategy that delivers on its promise of improved constituent service levels.


Manufacturing is a natural fit with our services and experience. We bring significant background to the business processes of these organizations, including accounts receivable, procurement, human resources and distribution. We help clients adopt advanced manufacturing technology, while meeting sustainability and regulatory requirements.

Energy & Utilities

We ensure that as organizations rollout new technology, processes or programs, they are robust enough to handle market complexity and continuous regulatory change.

Retail & Logistics

Highly competitive industries need processes, systems and structure that are able to maintain a leading edge. Our focus on Business Agility and Continuous Quality are critical to success in such a volatile industry. We work to mitigate risks and increase confidence in delivering change.