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The Business Agility AntiPatterns Assessment is Trissential’s unique and proprietary method of identifying how companies can accelerate organizational agility and value for a sustainable competitive advantage.

We use this assessment to shine light on broken links within organizations and get our clients back on track to efficiently and effectively gain increased delivery of business value, high performing teams, rapid response to business and customer needs, continuous/efficient change, and so much more.

Based on our deep experience with Business Agility, working with some of the world’s largest and successful corporations, we have established 20 of the most common impediments and costly mistakes in organizations. The Business Agility AntiPatterns Assessment helps clients recognize and eliminate these roadblocks, allowing them to go faster, drive more value, and be more responsive.

Business Agility AntiPatterns Assessment Services

  • Business Agility Readiness & Roadmap
  • Learning & Development
  • Executive & Team Level Coaching
  • Strategic Alignment & AntiPatterns Assessment Workshops

If your organization is struggling with organizational effectiveness - let’s connect to identify and unhinge these roadblocks.