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Trissential’s Business Agility Service Offerings span the organization from team to enterprise, meeting each client where they are in their continuous improvement journey. We thoughtfully select Trissential Agilists to work with your team to support you in achieving your vision. 

Trissential believes that achieving Business Agility requires a change in culture to be successful. To enable this cultural change, Trissential Essentialists™ can leverage both a strategic (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) as well as a tactical (Do, Manage, Mentor) approach to coach and scale your organization.

Experience has shown that managing the impact of change and helping organizations work through change resistance tend to be the greatest challenges when helping business areas embrace agility. As with many of our offerings, meeting the client where they are and to the level required is our best approach.

The Trissential team or coach will use our agile accelerators and learning content to understand your organization´s culture, support leadership alignment through facilitated workshops, identify your current level of agile effectiveness and help you build your backlog of activities in support of achieving the next steps in your journey.

Business Agility Services