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Thought Leadership

Being a “thought leader” means constantly living beyond the tactical – challenging the status quo and re-imagining the big picture of business improvement.

Trissential’s speaking engagements, blogs, and whitepapers show how our Essentialists™ not only stay one step ahead of the trends, but often start them.

Speaking Engagements

We regularly speak at events on all facets of the work we do, and broader industry trends. To have someone speak at your event, contact us at marketing@trissential.com or 952-595-7970.

Trissential Blog

Engage in our views on the latest industry trends and disruptors, personal opinions, and tools that could help you or your organization.

PMO Advisory Council

Stay connected with other professional PMO Leaders through Trissential’s PMO Advisory Council.

Expleo Thought Leadership

This collection of articles, written by Trissential/Expleo professionals, shares innovative solutions covering the following topics:

  • Business Architecture & Analysis
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Continuous Quality & Digital Assurance
  • Quality Intelligence & Data Analytics