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We regularly speak at events on all facets of the work we do, and broader industry trends. To have someone speak at your event, contact us at marketing@trissential.com or 952-595-7970.

Speaking Engagements

Robert Gormley presenting Test Scenario Design Models: What are They and Why are They Your Key to Agile Quality Success?

ConTEST NYC 2019 Conference

New York, NY – November 21, 2019

Customer satisfaction is considered the most important criteria for successful product delivery by a majority of Agile teams (57%). Yet as Digital Disruption continues to fuel the need for hyper speed IT delivery, many Quality teams are being left behind as they continue to leverage an old world testing paradigm focused on Functional & Regression Testing built on traditional, linear test case design that is not customer-centric.  What's more, traditional test case design has become an antipattern for most product teams as it neither serves to validate the many different emerging layers of software architecture nor does it establish a core understanding of what should be built into automated tests.

What if, instead of traditional test case design, Quality teams could focus on building scenario-based outlines of user behaviors in a consistent, ubiquitous narrative to not only connect product functionality to users but also to establish a tight boundary for automated testing of acceptance criteria? Welcome to the world of the Test Scenario Design Model, where user behavior is king and test cases are short, concise, and business language-driven. In this presentation, we explain what the Test Scenario Design Model is, how it can help Agile Quality teams accelerate their testing, and show how Test Scenario Design Models tie to trace-ability and Quality metrics to truly measure your product team's Agile health.

The learning objectives of this presentation:
1. Get a view into the Agile quality trends
2. Understand why the traditional testing paradigm doesn't work in Agile
3. Understand what the Test Scenario Design Model is
4. Understand the how and what of the evolution of the Test Scenario Design Model
5. Understand what the core components of the Test Scenario Design Model are
6. Understand how Test Scenario Design Models supports test automation
7. Understand the Quality metrics that support the Test Scenario Design Model​

ConTEST NYC Event Website >>

Previous Events

Steve Fastabend presenting Agile: SIlver Bullet or Silver Mirror?

APLN Conference

Palatine, IL – June 13, 2019

Having coached hundreds of teams and one phrase that is often repeated goes something like "We knew that was a problem but…." Agile practices are intended to deliver value, but they are not a silver bullet. Many times these practices force us to look in the mirror and solve problems that may have lived in the organization for a long time. In this session, Steve will share some common problems as well as proven approaches to help teams and organizations deliver on the agile promise.​

APLN Event Website >

Robert Gormley presenting Agile AntiPatterns: What's Keeping You From World Class?

QUEST Annual Conference

Chicago, IL – May 15, 2019

If online surveys are to be believed, over 75% of all IT organizations are utilizing some form of Agile methodology. They are doing so in order to create efficient and effective teams that not only drive better business delivery but also focus on better quality. Are these organizations actually achieving these benefits or are they falling prey to Agile Quality Antipatterns, self-constructed barriers or challenges that limit the success of the product team? Join Robert Gormley for an examination of Agile Quality Antipatterns: what are they, how do you spot them, how can you resolve them, and how do you measure success so that you don’t fall into them again? Robert will discuss how strategy, vision, and governance can help organizations take the first steps away from Agile Quality Antipatterns. He will further examine the use of Exploratory Testing and Business Process modeling to sustain momentum toward Agile quality efficiency and effectiveness. Finally, Bob will describe how to incorporate the concept of Test Architecture to push the boundaries of agile quality through CI/CD and DevOps.​

QUEST Event Website >

Mark Hunt presenting How to (Process) Model for Fun and Profit!​

IIBA MSP Professional Development Day

Bloomington, MN – April 18, 2019

Why Process Modeling is not just drawing diagrams, and how Process Modeling can be used with Capability Maturity models, and can help identify and guide processes improvements for your business. Also, why and how you should use standard modeling templates in your organization.

In addition, you will be provided with tips and tricks on how to make your process maps (and other diagrams) more readable and understandable. And participants will receive some sample Visio templates you can use

IIBA PDD Event Website >

Cody May presenting What it Means to be a QBA - Quality Business Analyst

IIBA Columbus BA-CONference

Columbus, OH – August 29, 2018

SQS USA's Principal Business Analyst, Cody May, will be discussing techniques and tactics for BA’s to inject quality earlier in the lifecycle of SDLC and requirements analysis: e.g., using ISO 25010 to guide requirements elicitation, how and when to engage and collaborate with QA/QE stakeholders, etc.

Conference Website >

Robert Gormley presenting Industrialized Agile Quality: Leveraging ISO Standards to Deliver Business Agility with World Class Quality

Chicago Quality Assurance Association (CQAA)

Chicago, IL – July 18, 2018

As software systems get more complex and Agile methodologies continue to dominate the landscape of IT, maintaining an industrialized Quality approach is becoming a challenge. In this presentation, we define an industrialized Quality approach, explore how it can be shaped to fit within a two-week Agile sprint, understand what enablers are needed to ensure success, and finish with reviewing a new way of measuring success. The audience will walk away from this presentation with an understanding that, if done well, industrial quality processes can support a fast-paced, mature Agile methodology.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what an industrialized quality process is
  • Understand how ISO standards fit into the industrialized quality process
  • Understand how industrialized quality processes can fit within Agile
  • Understand how industrial quality helps enable business agility
CQAA Event Website >

Mark Hunt presenting BA Communities of Practice – Are They Worth It?

IIBA MSP Professional Development Day

DoubleTree Hilton, Bloomington, MN – May 03, 2018

BA Communities – They go by many names but what are they and are they really worth it? Mark Hunt will provide insights from his own experience standing up a successful CoP. This includes and interactive session on how to coach your new CoP. Attendees will learn why a CoP can be important to your organization, the value is provides to a team, and how to truly make it successful.

IIBA PDD Event Website >

Bryce Arii facilitating On the Journey to Agility… Ready to Accelerate?

Trissential Open Space Agility Webinar

Online Event - April 26, 2018

What better way to experience Agile than through an Open Space webinar - Open Space is a tool for simultaneously unleashing creativity and identifying emerging leaders in your organization. This webinar will have you collaborating with peers, while discussing how to solve the problem of Agility in your organization.

Isn’t the end goal of every organization attaining a partnership between all levels to align for success? How can we be more intentional about developing solutions together? In this Open Space session, we will discuss Business Agility, Technical Agility, IT Agility and common AntiPatterns.

Event Registration Page >

Robert Gormley presenting Industrialized Agile Quality: Leveraging ISO Standards to Deliver Business Agility with World Class Quality

INCOSE 4th Annual Systems Engineering in Healthcare Conference

Crowne Plaza AiRE Hotel, Bloomington, MN – April 19, 2018 to 20 April 2018

Digital disruption pushes healthcare organizations into becoming more nimble in the marketplace. By intelligently leveraging ISO16085, ISO25010, and ISO25012 to focus quality goals around product quality, quality in use, and data quality in the context of risk, healthcare organizations can solve the challenge of business agility without sacrificing quality. In this presentation, we learn about each of these standards and how to pragmatically apply them in the development of your industrialized agile quality process.

INCOSE Event Website >

Ahmed Avais presenting The Myth and Magic of Deliberate Practice

Agile Cincinnati

Deerfield Crossing Building - April 12, 2018

There's a deep and strong connection between accelerated learning and deliberate practice. Also, at some point, this deliberate practice becomes proficiency or fluency. Let's explore this in the context of agility and how this understanding will help you chart your own pathway.

Agile Cincinnati Event Website >

Robert Gormley presenting Test Architecture, SDETS, Business Agility and the Future of Quality

SIM WI Breakfast Meeting

University Club of Milwaukee - February 06, 2018

From the increasing rise of Agile development practices within IT to the revolutionary innovation of modern IT systems, the need for Quality Assurance Teams to keep pace has dramatically changed the Quality Assurance landscape. What is Test Architecture and why does an organization need to have it? What are SDETs and how essential are they for organizations wanting to elevate their Agile maturity? How can Quality Assurance Teams help deliver Business Agility by evolving their Quality Assurance approach? We examine these and other important topics as we look into the future of Quality Assurance.

SIM WI Event Website >

Robert Gormley presenting Best Practices in Testing with Agility

Twin Cities Quality Assurance Association (TCQAA)

Poor Richards Common House, Bloomington, MN - December 14, 2017

Robert will share what he considers to be the best practices for testing with agility, including how to:

  • Get testing in the same sprint as development
  • Elevate the role of the “manual tester”
  • Develop greater testing speed and agility through risk based testing
  • Apply TDD/BDD/ATDD judiciously
  • Accomplish greater coverage with fewer tests
  • Establish and manage metrics that actual mean something


TCQAA Event Website >